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Meet the expert presenters who brought innovative and industry-leading content to the 2020 Flavors and Fragrances program.

The 2020 event covered innovative topics, such as:
  • Top Trends Influencing Flavors and Fragrances
  • CBD
  • Regional Flavor Innovation
  • Beverages at the Intersection of Flavor and Function
  • How Technology Amplifies Nature in the Pursuit of Clean Label
  • Technical Trends in Natural Fragrances
  • Safety Evaluation for Natural Complex Substances
Alyson King - Croda

Alyson King

Home Care Sales Manager at Croda
Danielle Botelho, PhD  - Safety Assessment Manager

Danielle Botelho, PhD

Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) at Safety Assessment Manager
Amanda Topper - Mintel

Amanda Topper

Associate Director of Foodservice Research at Mintel
Jill B. Costa, PhD  - Chief Perfumer

Jill B. Costa, PhD

The Lebermuth Company at Chief Perfumer
Olivia Carlize  - Orchidia Fragrances

Olivia Carlize

Marketing Manager at Orchidia Fragrances
Rebecca Shurhay  - Flavorchem

Rebecca Shurhay

Marketing Analyst at Flavorchem
Cristina Arregui Garcia - International Fragrance Association (IFRA)

Cristina Arregui Garcia

Director of Global Regulatory Affairs at International Fragrance Association (IFRA)
Lauren Goodsitt - Mintel

Lauren Goodsitt

Senior Global Beauty Analyst at Mintel
Scott Jaynes - Croda, Inc.

Scott Jaynes

Applications Manager at Croda, Inc.
Ilana Orlofsky - Imbibe

Ilana Orlofsky

Creative Marketing Manager at Imbibe
Virginia Lee - Brightfield Group

Virginia Lee

CBD Research Manager at Brightfield Group
Melanie Bartelme - Mintel

Melanie Bartelme

Global Food Analyst at Mintel