Belle Aire Creations

Flavors and Fragrances 2019

Belle Aire Creations has built our reputation over the past 37 years on innovation and customer service.  Our curiosity and drive to create science-based intellectual property and technology pushes us to explore and cultivate emerging trends, as well as the science and emotion behind them.  Our primary objective is to surprise and support our customers, and differentiate Belle Aire Creations from its competitors.

Unleash the Power of Fragrance

Fragrance, with it’s boundless variety can elevate your home d├ęcor product far above the competition. Whether you desire a bold statement or a gentle reminder; a nostalgic hint of nature or a thoroughly modern blend, the properly designed fragrance will accomplish your goal.

Belle Aire Creations is a marketed oriented fragrance company.  As trends can evolve from a wide variety of influences, Belle Aire stays well-informed of all developments that may affect our customer’s markets.  We track new product introductions, trends in fashion and color, consumer lifestyles and countless other sources of information that help identify current and future trends.  Our creative teams translate this information into bespoke fragrances that are then introduced to our customers assuring that the fragrance selected for their products will market-oriented for success.