Submit Your Abstract to Speak at Flavors and Fragrances

In addition to our invited speakers, we are looking for industry experts with insights and expertise on the following topics:
  • Topics up for discussion include:
  • Opportunities in the global market and a focus on US, Asia-Pacific and Africa markets
  • Bloggers and influencers shaping fragrance and beauty care
  • Natural products, organics, transparency
  • Sustainable sourcing; green chemistry and innovations in the health and wellness market
  • Hottest trends in flavors including citrus, floral, beverage, packaged foods, dietary restrictions, chili / herb / spices
  • Hottest trends in fragrances including consumer products, household goods, cosmetic & skincare, oral brands, natural / organic lip balms, essential oils (plant extraction / aromatherapy), longevity of fragrance / high concentration content
  • Challenges: Legal regulations, entry barriers and fluctuation in raw material costs
  • Regulations, labels and certifications
  • Brand champions paving the way – how does a thriving major retailer choose what products to feature on their shelves?
  • Making healthy changes without losing taste

Please submit your abstract by Friday, May 17th, 2019

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